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Lithium Battery Cells

LiFePO4 battery cells

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TOP NEW ENERGY maintains authentic partnerships with many LiFePO4 battery manufacturers.  Furthermore, our well-experienced in-house engineering team is taking good use of solid expertise and advanced test equipment, to help our clients select the most cost effective, suitable, safe and high-quality lithium ion batteries.

Selecting the most excellent cells that work best for your specific need is always our priority. We can recommend reliable Ltihium-ion battery cells from top-tier cell manufacturers.

Key Features

- Battery cell with long cycle life ranging 2000 to 5000.

- Allows fast charge and high current discharge.

- Allows high efficiency charge and discharge cycles.

- Greater energy density than lead-acid batteries.

- CE, UL, BIS certificated.

- Safety and reliability ensured by tier-1 cell manufacturers

Value-added Service

Thanks to introducing a tailor-made advanced HAN’S automatic laser welding machine, TOP NEW ENERGY is able to customize prismatic lithium battery cell with different terminal solutions, to better suit customers’ special needs for battery module manual configuration.

With the profound understandings of lithium-ion battery design, TOP NEW ENERGY is able to deliver 3.2V battery modules with prismatic cells configured in series and parallel, according to customers design and requirements.

Model Capacity  (Ah) Dimension (mm) AC-impedance(mΩ) Weight
Max. Discharge Rate Max. Charge Rate Connection
Width Height Thickness Continuous Pulse Continuous Pulse
LFP50 50 149 96-102 40 0.4 1.2 50 150A 10S 25 50  laser
LFP86 86 174 127.6-132 48 0.3 2.15 86 258A 10S 43 86 screw
LFP100 100 174 127.6-132 48 0.35 2.25 100 300A 10S 50 100 screw
LFP206 206 175 200-207 54 0.4 4.2 103 412A 10S 103 206  laser
LFP270 277 174 200-207 72 0.4 5.8 277 831A 10S 138 277  laser


Q1: : How can I use this battery to configurate a battery power bank?

A: You can configurate the 3.2V LiFePO4 battery cells with standard equipped busbar for easy connection, even by manual. Please let us know the configuration of series and parallels so that our team will advise you the specific busbars to use.


Q2: What does the connection remarks mean?

A: The connection remark as “S” means can be connected via screw busbar by manual; “L” means can be only connected via laser connection welding machine. While taking advantage of the advanced high-power laser machine, TOP NEW ENERGY can help design customized terminals to convert the laser connection way into screw connection way.


Q3: Can I connect 4 of these cells in series for 12V solar system?

A: Yes, the prismatic cell is an ideal solar battery. It is easy to connect them in series or parallel with busbars, and purchase a BMS according to the parameters that the battery bank is.

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