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Guangdong Jinghai Power Plant's energy storage and frequency

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The energy storage frequency modulation project of Unit 1 and 2 of Jinghai Power Plant has a design capacity of 18MW/9MWh. Our company is responsible for investment, construction and operation. The energy storage frequency modulation project is composed of 3 energy storage subsystems, respectively connected to Unit 1 and 2 6kV A , B, C section bus, the capacity is 8MW/4MWh, 8MW/4MWh, 2MW/1MWh respectively. There are a total of 9 energy storage units, each with a capacity of 2MW/1MWh, consisting of 1 energy storage battery box and 1 PCS box.
On June 10, 2021, the 1.1 times and 1.2 times overload capacity tests of the whole station passed successfully. So far, low voltage ride through test, high voltage ride through test, grid adaptability test, power quality test, DC component test, charge and discharge response time test, Charge and discharge adjustment time test, charge and discharge conversion time test, rated energy test, rated power energy conversion efficiency test, power control test, communication anomaly test, anti-islanding test and other energy storage grid-connected performance related tests are completed and the test data is qualified. It marks that the project has officially entered the network-related trial stage.
The completion of the grid-connected performance test is inseparable from the support of leaders at all levels of Jinghai Power Plant and the joint efforts of all participating units. In the next stage, the Huilai project will be carefully organized, carefully debugged, and successively completed 8+72 hours and 30 days of continuous trial operation, striving for the project to be put into commercial operation as soon as possible.
Original title: Jinghai Power Plant Unit 1 and 2 lifepo4 battery Energy Storage and Frequency Modulation Project Completed Grid Connection Performance Test