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Portable power station supply has become a new consumption p

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Portable power station outdoor UPS supply has become a new consumption point in the new energy storage industry market
New energy storage boxes are also called portable energy storage boxes and outdoor mobile power supplies. Usually refers to some mobile power supplies or emergency power supplies with a weight of no more than 20kg, which mainly use AC output and DC output as the main charging ports. The diversified functions of such products provide outdoor users with power, lighting and other uses to enrich outdoor life.
The field of portable power station outdoor power supplies is very wide. It can be used not only in the home, but also in the fields of office, photography, travel, fire fighting, medical treatment, rescue, communication, exploration, construction, camping, mountaineering, and military forces. It may become a vigorous development of this product. Potential consumer groups. Portable UPS can be used not only as a power output power supply for automobiles, but also as an emergency power supply for modern homes and for providing power for precision instrument surveying and mapping in the field, and power supply for military equipment in the field, or as an emergency power supply in a hospital operating room.
Now, everyone can use portable UPS outdoor power supply (also called "energy storage power supply") to solve the power problems of mobile phones, laptops, car refrigerators, drones, etc., while breathing the fresh outdoor air, you can also play with your friends. Man-machine/electric guitar. Portable outdoor UPS power supplies will become one of the must-have items for outdoor travellers after the epidemic.
In the Sichuan-Tibet pastoral area, outdoor power supplies have provided a better solution to the daily electricity problems caused by the frequent migration of nomadic herdsmen. The large-capacity and high-power outdoor power supply is portable and easy to store, and when the light is sufficient, it can supplement the power of the outdoor power supply of the second, and further increase its outdoor endurance.
Driven by the state and giant companies, the energy storage industry is constantly changing, and domestic outdoor energy storage is still a market to be reclaimed. As a small outdoor portable UPS power storage device, portable outdoor power supplies have gradually become the potential for market development. When going out for fun and outdoor battery life, the portable "outdoor UPS power supply" has undoubtedly become the best choice for customers.
The development of the outdoor energy storage power supply market brings to the energy storage electric portable UPS
The outdoor portable UPS energy storage power supply market has exploded, and the rise of such consumption habits has put forward higher requirements for portable power. This directly promotes the high-power and large-capacity portable outdoor UPS equipped with 220VAC output ports and capable of supplying multiple devices at the same time. Market development of power supply. The energy storage portable UPS outdoor power supply, which provides safe power solutions for outdoor work, leisure and entertainment, takes the opportunity to highlight its unique value, like a "species outbreak", which has become a standard for middle-class people on self-driving tours in a short time.
Energy storage electric outdoor portable UPS energy storage power supply products use high-performance lifepo4 battery as energy storage backup, small size, light weight, easy to carry, multi-function output interface can match the main electronic equipment on the market, large capacity, high power, and safety Portability is its unique advantage over small mobile power sources and fixed power grids.
With the advent of the great outdoors and great health era, more and more people are going outdoors to pursue a quality life. Cuneng Electric's outdoor portable UPS power supply ushered in an explosion, providing an integrated solution for outdoor electricity consumption. The outdoor power supply of Energy Storage can charge drones, digital cameras, laptops, gaming laptops, car refrigerators, small kitchen appliances and other equipment, and solve the power problems of outdoor entertainment, living and office, and emergency starting vehicles.
Portability, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection are the development direction of energy storage, and when choosing outdoor UPS power supplies, safety is the fundamental decisive factor. The energy storage portable UPS power supply is equipped with multiple safety protections to avoid excessive charging and discharging, short circuit and other dangers. The intelligent temperature control system automatically adjusts the charging and discharging temperature and prolongs the life of the machine. At the same time, the fuselage adopts PC+ABS fire-resistant shell, which is shock-resistant, fall-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and has excellent high-temperature insulation to avoid the risk of leakage.
Portable outdoor UPS power supply is a new category and emerging market segment. Outdoor UPS power supply products are bound to attract more competitors. As an industry standard setter and a well-known brand of outdoor portable UPS power supply, Cuneng Electric is in the brand recognition Occupies a great advantage in degree.
Outdoor power supplies lead the portable UPS power supply market. It is hoped that Cunneng Electric's brand can lead the outdoor portable power supply category to healthy competition with its own influence, promote the rapid development of the outdoor power supply industry from the consumer and market side, and provide users with safe and portable power support.